Refund and Cancellation

These stones were curated over a significant period of time in nature's mysterious testing facilities. These stones are perhaps one of the origins of ultimate accomplishment.

However, suppose you ordered something from our website and it was delivered to you at the given timeframe. If the delivered goods are defective or are totally different from what was purchased, you are only entitled to compensation. You must notify us of the shipped item within 24 hours of delivery; anything other than that, will not be responsible for an exchange. You can call us at the given number on the website.

We will only review your refund process when you include a photo with it. Images of the damaged item, or whether the item supplied was not what was purchased, help us understand the situation. Once the replacement request is approved, we will schedule for the discarded item to be picked up.

We will begin the quality check once we have obtained the item in question. There are several stages involved, so we only process the reimbursement if everything checks out. We anticipate finishing the entire procedure and executing the reimbursement within the next few days.

Refunds are typically provided sometime in the next 15 days of billing cycles. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or doubts.