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7 Heart Chakra Flat pendant: This is a perfect symbolic representation of love, as love is eternal and lasts forever so do the 7-heart chakra flag pendant. On your special day give your Loved ones a gift that they can cherish forever. Wear our 7-heart chakra flag pendant to reflect your own personality, aura, mood, and style. Our jewelry is a perfect, pocket friendly, cool, chic, stylish and low maintenance. Each natural gemstone/crystal has its unique natural appearance     

·       Red jasper: - It helps in balancing the yin and yang in our body.

·       Tiger’s eye stone: - It supports decision making, enhances will power, increases self-confidence, and helps achieving goals.

·       Rose Quartz: - The stone symbolizes universal love and brings sweeter notes of self-care.

·       Aventurine: - Aventurine is a talisman of good fortune

·       Lapis Lazuli: - It associated with the third eye chakra

·       Clear Quartz: - It draws off all the negative energies and helps in reducing anger, anxiety, stress, and depression

·       Amethyst: - This stone resonates crown chakra


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