7 Heart Chakra Wand

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 7 Heart Chakra Wand : This is a perfect symbolic representation of love, as love is eternal and lasts forever so do the 7-heart chakra wand. On your special day give your Loved ones a gift that they can cherish forever. Our 7-heart chakra wand reflect your own personality, aura, mood, and style. Our wand is a perfect, pocket friendly, cool, chic, stylish and low maintenance. Each natural gemstone/crystal has its unique natural appearance.

  •       Root Chakra stands for our under structure and belief of being established.
  •        Sacral Chakra Our association and power to bear other people and fresh receives.
  •       Solar Plexus Chakra Our power to represent positive and in-control of our aliveness’s.
  •         Heart Chakra Our power to passion.
  •        Throat Chakra Our power to transmit.
  •        Third Eye Chakra Our power to concentrate on and visualize the adult characterization.
  •        Crown Chakra The most eminent Chakra stands for our power to embody fully engaged spiritually.


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