Sodalite Bathroom Set

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Unique bathroom décor, this sodalite bathroom set is truly unique and an absolutely dazzling piece of bathroom decor. The aesthetic, colour and shape of the crystal makes it a versatile bathroom accessory that goes together with virtually any style. Thoughtful and beautiful gift for a special someone, especially if that someone is you! sodalite bathroom set are excellent and safe gift as they’re beautiful and practical. They're also great for someone who is interested in the metaphysical, chakra balancing, meditation, reiki, or minerals. Rest assured our spiritual stones will delight anyone!

Product Dimensions: -

·           Brush holder: - 11cm x 11cm x 7.5cm

·        Soap dispenser: - 07cm x 07cm x 15 cm

·       Soap dish: - 13cm x 10cm x 04cm

·        Tray: - 23cm x 14cm x 4.5 cm                 

·       Tissue box: - 15cm x 15cm x 15 cm

·            Dustbin: - 23cm x 16cm x 25cm

·             Jewel box: - 10cm x 10cm x 10 cm

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